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At the core of every business is it's heart and soul, breathing new life into it's creative body year after year. For Penaloza and Sons Manufacturing Jewelers, the nucleus of the family-owned and operated business has once again been handed from father to son.

Although Phillip had been previously immersed in the engineering aspect of rendering the designs his father moved from imagination to paper, he now accepts with great pleasure, the time weathered hat of "designer", worn prestiegiously by his father for over fifty years.

Picking up the torch of inspiration from the generations of Penaloza's before him, son Phillip misses no steps. Envisioning new ways to shape precious metal and gemstones into art is nothing new for him. Visualizing the converving lines of grace, style and beauty are what has fueled the success of his ancestors, and that decerning eye for balance and proportion is ever so evident in the newest designs he now manifests.

Time tests the true measure of artistic worth. And as it has been demonstrated in the last 75 years of design and craftsmanship, so holds the next "son" to honoring that tradition of pride in workmanship and uncompromised ethics to uphold the reputation that the family name Penaloza brings to the community.

What is notable in this current generation of artistic endeavor, is the touch his brother Paul and his wife Alice have uniquely brought to San Antonio's more discriminating clients. With both holding graduate gemologist degrees, the two add a most valuable and intrinsic facet to the gem of expertise demonstrated in the business. Paul and Alice deliver consistantly reliable information to the end consumer in much the way Phillip and his dad provided for the industry, in being jeweler's jewelers. The combined efforts of this trio of talents and the staff of totally conscientious and knowledgeable employees brings more than a winning combination to you.

The Penaloza team is excited about offering customers a large selection of unique custom designs and pleasing styles in a large comfortable shopping environment. Stunning pieces designed and fashioned by Penaloza, as well as creations from other noted jewelry craftsmen, await to dazzle your sweetheart.

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